What size of restroom trailer do I need?

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There are a variety of restroom trailers that are made with different capacities. Choosing the right restroom trailer for your needs is important whether it be for a wedding, or if you remodel other business’ restrooms and want to have a temporary substitute for staff and customers to avoid a costly shut down. For commercial and event needs, we will go over what size of restroom trailer you may need and some additional considerations.

Restroom Trailers for Private Events

What size trailer do I need?

2 stall restroom trailers accommodate 180 guests
3 stall restroom trailers that include an ADA compliant handicap stall will accommodate 270 guests
4 stall restroom trailers accommodate 360 guests
8 stall restroom trailers accommodate 720 guests
10 stall restroom trailers that include an ADA compliant handicap stall will accommodate 900 guests

If I have an event for 180 guests and select a 2 stall, would there be lines?

If there are no other facilities and alcohol is being served then yes. You may want to select a 4 stall restroom for several reasons:
– Guests will frequent a restroom more if alcohol is served
– There are designated men’s and women’s restrooms
– You will want to minimize the potential for lines so no guest will potentially miss a part of your wedding or event

What are other options?

– A 3 stall ADA compliant handicap restroom trailer has a larger private stall that would make a great bridal suite
– We also have 3 stall restroom shower trailer combinations that will give your guests the luxury of a hot shower and restroom facilities for 270 people. For glamping (camping with luxurious portable facilities), nothing compares.

Restroom and Shower Trailers for Commercial Solutions

What are factors in selecting a trailer for a commercial project?

  1. Shutting down a business is costly due to a water main issue or restroom remodeling. Portable solutions are available to keep a business running.

  2. Ask yourself, do I need a restroom trailer for a construction crew, business staff, or for the business’ customers?

    Customer consideration is the most important. You’ll want to replicate the business’ capacity as close as possible. You will want to opt for a restroom trailer over a portable toilet because they are climate controlled, and provide luxurious accommodations. ADA compliant restroom trailers will be necessary as well.
    – Providing for the business’ staff is important as well. Climate control is a must for staff in the winter and summer.
    – Smaller trailers can provide an excellent solution for construction crews working in more remote environments.

  3. Do you need a portable shower?

    – If you’re performing work on locker rooms, a portable shower is a great substitute. Portable shower trailers have tank-less water heaters providing clients or staff with clean, private, and comfortable amenities.
    3 stall combination shower and restroom trailers provides a solution when full restroom facilities are required.
    8 Station shower trailers are also available if you have a larger number of people that will require a shower in a smaller time frame.

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At Stahla Services, we can help you choose a restroom or shower trailer for your needs. We offer a variety of restroom trailers in different sizes as well as ones that are ADA compliant. We have shower trailer offerings as well. Reach out to us at stahlaservices.com



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