What Does a Shower Trailer Rental Include? Find Out Here!

Planning an outdoor event or a commercial construction project? If you’re in need of restroom trailers, the question “does a shower trailer rental include?” is probably on your mind. You may be surprised to learn that there are several features included with most rentals such as changing rooms, hot and cool water, separate stalls, mirrors and even towel hooks! In this blog post we will explore all the amenities provided by shower trailer rentals so you can make sure it meets all your needs.

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Changing Rooms are Included in a Shower Trailer

Shower trailers are a great way to provide restroom and shower facilities for any event. These trailers come with many features, including changing rooms that offer guests privacy when they need to change into their swimwear or other clothing.

The changing room in a shower trailer is typically located near the entrance of the trailer and includes several amenities for convenience. It will usually have at least one towel hook so that guests can hang up their towels while they change. Mirrors are also included so that guests can check themselves before leaving the trailer. The walls of these rooms are usually lined with waterproof materials such as vinyl or plastic, making them easy to clean and maintain over time.

These changing rooms provide an extra layer of comfort and security for your guests, especially if you’re hosting an outdoor event where people may feel exposed without a private space to change clothes in peace. They also help ensure that no one leaves the trailer feeling uncomfortable due to being seen by others while changing clothes in public view.

In addition, having separate stalls within each shower trailer allows more than one person at a time to use it without feeling crowded or rushed during peak times when multiple people might be using it simultaneously. This helps make sure everyone gets enough time in the showers without having to wait too long between turns or worry about running out of hot water too quickly due to overcrowding inside the stall itself.

Changing rooms are an essential part of a shower trailer rental and provide much needed privacy for your guests. Next, let’s take a look at what type of hot water is included in a shower trailer rental.

Key Takeaway: Shower trailers provide privacy and convenience for guests with changing rooms that have towel hooks, mirrors, and waterproof walls. They also include separate stalls to allow multiple people to use the trailer at once without feeling crowded or rushed.

Hot Water in Included in a Shower Trailer

Shower trailers come with hot and cold water, giving guests the option to adjust the temperature of their shower. This ensures that everyone can enjoy a comfortable shower experience. Hot water is essential for an enjoyable shower, as it helps to relax tense muscles and wash away dirt and sweat from the body more effectively than cold water alone.

The hot water in a shower trailer is provided by either an on-board propane tank or electric heating element. The propane tank will provide enough hot water for multiple showers before needing to be refilled, while the electric heating element provides unlimited hot water but requires access to electricity at all times. Both options are great choices depending on your needs; if you’re looking for a more economical solution then go with the propane tank, but if you need constant access to hot water then opt for the electric heating element instead.

In addition to providing comfort during your shower experience, having access to hot water also makes cleaning easier as well. Hotter temperatures help break down soap scum faster so that surfaces stay cleaner longer without requiring extra scrubbing or elbow grease. Plus, many people prefer using warm or even hot temperatures when washing dishes which makes it possible when renting a shower trailer too.

Finally, having access to both cold and hot running waters allows users of any age group or physical ability level to use them safely and comfortably without fear of slipping due to icy temperatures or burning themselves due to overly-hot ones. This makes these units perfect for outdoor events like weddings where guests may have different preferences regarding temperature levels in their showers.

Yes, hot water is included in a shower trailer rental and this ensures that your guests have a comfortable experience. Additionally, separate stalls are also provided for privacy and convenience.

Key Takeaway: Shower trailers provide hot and cold water for comfortable showers, cleaning ease, and safety for all users. Hot water is provided by either a propane tank or electric heating element; both options have their benefits depending on your needs.

Separate Stalls are Included in a Shower Trailer

Shower trailers come with separate stalls, allowing multiple people to use the facilities at once. This is especially useful for large events such as weddings or festivals where there are many guests in need of showers. Separate stalls provide more privacy and comfort than a single open space, making it easier for everyone to feel comfortable while using the shower trailer.

The walls between each stall can be made from various materials including vinyl, canvas, and metal mesh depending on your needs and budget. The height of these walls also varies depending on what you’re looking for; some models have full-height walls that reach up to 8 feet tall while others may only be 4 feet tall.

These individual stalls are usually equipped with towel hooks so that guests can hang their towels after they’ve finished showering without having to worry about them getting wet or dirty. Additionally, most models include curtains which help keep water contained within the stall instead of spilling out onto the floor outside. This helps ensure that no one slips or falls due to wet floors when entering or exiting the shower trailer after someone has used it before them.

The interior of each stall is designed to be waterproof so that any water splashing around inside won’t damage anything else in the trailer like furniture or electronics nearby. This ensures a safe environment for all users regardless of how much time they spend in their respective stalls during their visit.

Finally, hot water is included in most shower trailers so guests don’t have to take cold showers if they don’t want to. Some models even come with adjustable temperature settings so users can choose exactly how warm or cool they’d like their showers to be – perfect for those who prefer different temperatures than others might enjoy.

Shower trailers provide the convenience of having separate stalls for multiple users, making them an ideal choice for larger events. Next, let’s look at what other features are included in a shower trailer rental.

Key Takeaway: Shower trailers provide a safe and comfortable environment with separate stalls, waterproof interiors, towel hooks, curtains to contain water splashes, and hot water for adjustable temperatures.

Shower Curtains are Included in a Shower Trailer

Shower curtains are an important part of any shower trailer rental. They provide privacy and prevent water from splashing out of the stall onto the floor or other areas of the trailer. Shower curtains also help to keep your guests comfortable, as they can easily be adjusted for more or less coverage depending on individual needs.

Shower curtains come in a variety of styles and materials, so you’ll have plenty to choose from when selecting one for your shower trailer rental. Most commonly used is vinyl, which is waterproof and easy to clean with just soap and water. Other options include fabric-based curtains that are available in various colors and patterns; these offer a softer look than vinyl but may require more frequent cleaning due to their absorbent nature.

When it comes time to hang up your curtain, there are several different methods you can use depending on what type of hardware you have installed in your shower trailer rental. If you’re using a standard tension rod system, simply slide the curtain onto the rod before securing it into place with clips or hooks provided by the manufacturer. Alternatively, if you have opted for a track system then attach each end of the curtain directly onto its respective side rail before adjusting accordingly for length and width as needed.

Shower curtains are a key part of the shower trailer rental experience, ensuring privacy and comfort for those using it. Towel hooks also come included with each rental, providing an easy way to hang towels and other items in the shower area.

Key Takeaway: Shower trailer rentals typically include a shower curtain, which come in various materials and styles to suit individual needs. Installation methods vary depending on the type of hardware used but can range from tension rods to track systems.

Towel Hooks are Included in a Shower Trailer

Towel hooks are an important part of a shower trailer rental. They provide guests with the convenience of hanging up their towels after they have finished using the facilities, and help keep the area clean and tidy. Towel hooks can also be used to hang other items such as robes or clothes that need to dry quickly.

Shower trailers come in many different sizes and configurations, so it is important to make sure that there are enough towel hooks for all of your guests. Most shower trailers will include at least two towel hooks per stall, but larger units may have more depending on how many stalls you require. The size and placement of these towel hooks should be taken into consideration when planning out your layout for maximum efficiency.

The material used for these towel hooks is usually stainless steel or chrome plated brass, which ensures durability and longevity even in wet environments like showers or poolsides. These materials are also resistant to rusting, making them ideal for use outdoors where moisture levels can fluctuate throughout the day. Additionally, some manufacturers offer models with plastic-coated finishes which provide extra protection against corrosion from saltwater exposure if needed.

When selecting a shower trailer rental company it is important to ask about what type of hardware they use on their units; this includes things like door handles, locksets, hinges etc., as well as towel hook types and locations within each stall configuration offered by them. This information will help ensure that you get exactly what you need without any surprises later down the line. Additionally, always check reviews before signing any contracts so that you can make sure previous customers were satisfied with their experience working with said company’s services before committing yourself too deeply into a long-term agreement.

Towel hooks are a convenient feature included in shower trailers to make it easier for guests to hang up their towels and keep the trailer organized. Now let’s look at what else is included in a shower trailer rental – fully waterproof interiors.

Key Takeaway: When renting a shower trailer, make sure to check the number of towel hooks per stall and the type of material used (stainless steel or chrome plated brass). Additionally, research reviews before signing any contracts.

Fully Waterproof Interiors are Included in a Shower Trailer

When it comes to renting a shower trailer, one of the most important features is its waterproof interior. Not only does this make cleaning up after heavy usage much easier, but it also ensures that your guests remain comfortable and dry during their time in the trailer.

Shower trailers come with fully waterproof interiors made from durable materials such as vinyl or polyethylene. This material is designed to withstand moisture and keep water from seeping into the walls or flooring of the trailer. The floors are typically covered with non-slip mats for added safety and comfort. Additionally, these materials are easy to clean which makes them ideal for use in commercial settings where sanitation is a priority.

The walls of shower trailers are also constructed out of waterproof materials so that any splashes or spills can be easily wiped away without leaving behind any damage or stains on the surface. Furthermore, all seams between panels are sealed tightly so that no water can get through them either – this helps prevent mold growth and other issues associated with dampness inside a rental unit.

In addition to being completely waterproof, shower trailers also feature separate stalls for each user’s privacy while they bathe or change clothes if necessary. Each stall has its own door which locks securely when not in use so you don’t have to worry about anyone wandering around uninvited. Inside each stall there will usually be towel hooks as well as curtains for extra privacy if needed – both items help keep everything neat and tidy while still providing plenty of space for everyone who needs access to the facilities at once.

Finally, some shower trailers even include hot water systems so you won’t have to worry about running out during peak times. This means your guests will always enjoy warm showers regardless of how many people need access at once – perfect for outdoor weddings or large events where multiple people may need access simultaneously.

Overall, having a fully waterproof interior in your rental unit is essential if you want an enjoyable experience without worrying about messes afterwards. With separate stalls included along with hot water systems available too, it’s clear that shower trailers provide the perfect solution for outdoor weddings or large events where multiple people may need access simultaneously.

Key Takeaway: Shower trailers provide the perfect solution for outdoor events, with waterproof interiors, separate stalls and optional hot water systems.


In conclusion, a shower trailer rental includes many amenities that make it the perfect solution for any event or construction project. It comes with changing rooms, hot and cool water, mirrors, separate stalls, shower curtains, towel hooks and fully waterproof interiors. So when you are asking yourself “does a shower trailer rental include?” – the answer is yes! A shower trailer rental can provide all of these features to ensure your guests have an enjoyable experience at your event or on your construction site.

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