Top reasons for a restroom trailer rental versus a porta potty rental

How do you know what’s best for your event? ?

We get asked frequently! Below are some factors to consider when trying to figure out whether a porta-potty or a restroom trailer rental is best for your event.

1. Capacity

Luxury Restroom Trailers have a better capacity per square foot ratio compared to porta potties. So if you are concerned about space, you may want to try a restroom trailer rental

2. Interior Space

Restroom trailers are more spacious, providing a place for guests to change and get ready. This extra room is great for weddings and events like marathons where participants may need to get changed or freshen up afterwards.

3. Weather

Luxury restroom trailers have climate control with both heat and A/C, which can make it more comfortable for you and your guests.

4. Extras ✨

Restroom trailers usually feature indoor lighting and sinks with running water. Other options include bluetooth music options, interior lighting, and mirrors. If you need something that will make guests feel special, luxury restroom trailers rentals are the way to go!



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