Why Choose High-End Portable Bathrooms Over Port-a-Potties?

Stahla Services provides luxury portable restrooms for all of your events and remodeling needs. Some of the many occasions people choose our rentals for include:

Luxury portable restrooms are a popular and attractive alternative to the typical port-a-potty. Although port-a-potty rentals are cheaper, you get what you pay for here — Stahla Services’ restroom trailers are nicer than many in-home bathrooms! But how do you choose the best option for your event? We get asked frequently!  Consider these factors to determine whether your event should just use port-a-potties or if you need to splurge on restroom trailers. 

1. Capacity

In most cases, one port-a-potty can only cater to one user at a time. Luxury restroom trailers have a better capacity per square foot ratio compared to port-a-potties. 

You can even tailor your portable bathroom to the size you need. Stahla Services offers 2 Stall Restroom Trailers for short and small events and up to 10 Station ADA Handicap Accessible Restroom Trailers for big weddings or long-term construction or renovation jobs. So if space is a concern, you may want to try a restroom trailer rental. 

2. Interior Space

Port-a-potties are typically single-person structures that are uncomfortable to move around in. Occasionally, you might be lucky enough to find a handicap-accessible or family-friendly port-a-potty. Still, people who require these amenities are often let down by a lack of planning from the hosts.

Consider that any guests that need handicap accessibility or have other mobility issues would likely prefer a bathroom with more space designed with them in mind. That’s why Stahla Services has ADA Handicap Accessible Restroom Trailers in multiple sizes to ensure everyone is comfortable in our luxury portable restrooms.

Similarly, events like weddings and marathons require space for participants to change and freshen up before, during and after the event. A restroom trailer provides a spacious area for them to prepare in comfort.

3. Weather

In the chilly winter months and toasty summer ones, using a port-a-potty is even more uncomfortable than usual. Luxury restroom trailers allow you to control both heating and air conditioning with their climate control features. This allows you and your guests to experience comfort in your luxury portable restroom regardless of the weather outside.

4. Extras ✨

Port-a-potties are basic. Most include little more than a “toilet,” urinal and possibly a hand sanitizer dispenser. If you’re at a sporting event like a baseball game, that may be all you need. However, at more formal events, guests will expect something more attractive and luxurious.

Basic restroom trailer features include sinks with running water and indoor lighting for easy use at any time of day. Some of these trailers include extras as well, like mirrors and Bluetooth speakers. At Stahla Services, our trailers also have flushing toilets with a closing valve to prevent odor buildup. For an event where you want your guests to feel special everywhere they go, luxury restroom trailer rentals are your best option!

If you think a luxury portable restroom is the best fit for your next event or the perfect solution for employee comfort while your building undergoes renovations, connect with Stahla Services. We serve areas throughout the Midwest, including Omaha, Kansas City and Oklahoma City. Call the number for your area or contact us online today to request a quote!



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