Restroom Trailers For Retail Remodels

When looking for a provider of restroom trailers for retail remodels, experience matters.

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When retailers wish to renovate their restrooms, the most important thing to secure in the project are replacement restrooms. As the quality of restrooms can heavily impact the customer’s attitudes and stay time, securing restroom trailers for retail remodels and using a company with experience is a must to ensure the store’s standards are met as well as the customer’s expectations.

Benefits of using a restroom trailer company with experience

A restroom trailer company should understand the needs and expectations of not only the retail store, but the contractor as well. An experienced company will make a project seamless even when unexpected issues arise.

  • Service providers may have to deliver and service before store hours.
  • Service providers need to be able to be reached during the retailer’s store hours, not just their own business hours. Restrooms are a vital need, and issues must be fixed immediately.
  • Contractors regularly face shipping and project delays and a restroom trailer provider needs to be flexible on their schedule.
  • Communication is critical and project managers have a lot of moving parts to keep track of. Experienced restroom trailer providers triple checks details, and communicates through all stages of the project.

Contractors benefit from vendors that are proactive.

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Stahla Services provides restroom trailers that include QR codes in them to keep track of the customer’s experience. Using this system allows us to identify issues before a contractor is even aware. Portable restrooms must be as clean and fully functional as the restrooms they are temporarily replacing.

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Stahla Services has provided restroom trailers for projects at large retailers such as Target, Wal Mart, Costco, and various others. We provide discounted rates for longer term projects as well. If you have an upcoming project, email us for a fast and exact quote. You can also view here our wide selection of restroom and shower trailers that will fit your unique needs.



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