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Stahla Services is a fast growing company. We focus on solely luxury restroom and shower trailers, and we are always looking for outstanding restroom trailer technicians to join our team.

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Besides providing the best portable restroom and shower trailers, we also provide the best customer service to match. Because of this, we look for people who go above and beyond, treat others with care, and take extreme ownership in what they do. With those expectations in mind, we feel it’s important that our restroom trailer technicians receive good compensation, and feel like they are a part of a family. Each team member feels like they are part of our success and are able to make independent decisions. We’re an awesome place to work at because we provide the best customer service, and in return we feel the people who provide that customer service are rewarded and appreciated.

The 5 key job skills we look for when hiring restroom trailer technicians

What does an ideal candidate look like for Stahla Services?

Driving, hauling, cleaning and repairing restroom trailers doesn’t take rocket science. Technicians are trained to achieve each of these tasks if they don’t already have the experience doing so. There is a skill set more unique, yet heavily desired by employers and by us here at Stahla Services. We are looking for a certain type of job seeker who is looking to more meaningfully contribute to the organization and grow their career.

During the interview process there are three main questions that need answered: Does the candidate understand the job requirements, do they have a desire to perform the job, and do they have the talent and experience it takes to be successful?

The 5 skills listed below get at the core of what makes a successful team at Stahla Services.

Communication Skills

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Authentic and honest communication is key. This is one of the top qualities employers look for in modern-day hires; it’s essential for receiving, interpreting and giving direction. Likewise, a sense of social intelligence is also vital: Employees need to be able to understand where peers, colleagues and customers are coming from, not just the words they’re saying, so they can better empathize and act on this information.

Owner Mentality

We are looking for people who take pride in their work. People who are not only able to do the task at hand but are also able to anticipate needs. You shouldn’t have to wait for instruction and should have a desire to master your area. Confident and self-aware of what you add to the team, yet humble and always looking to learn new things. You do more than accept responsibility by seizing it and making it your own. You take responsibility for the quality of your work.

Decision – Making

Problem solving is a skill that takes creativity, levelheadedness and logic. Workers with solid problem-solving skills aren’t just strategic thinkers. They should be able to keep a cool head when a situation arises. They also stay on task without the need for micro-management. At Stahla we place a high value on preparedness. While driving, setting, and maintaining trailers isn’t rocket science, there are a lot of moving parts that could break down. We value individuals that are always prepared should situations arise.


While not a single defining trait, solid organizational skills can be an asset to any worker. They indicate an employee is self-disciplined enough to gather the necessary information and data to keep his or her tasks both well-managed and on schedule. One of our core values is ‘Systemize Excellence’. The desire and goal is to be excellent in all areas of the business. To do so, we put systems in place for most things that we do. Organization allows for seamless processes to be put into place, making excellence a habit instead of a huge effort.


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Integrity means being true and honest to oneself and others. It shows that someone knows his or her strengths and weaknesses, isn’t afraid to make mistakes or accept responsibility for doing so. Integrity should extend to professional areas at work such as decision making, interacting with colleagues and serving customers or clients. There are times where employees will be driving or working by themselves and maintaining a high level of trust between the team is what helps us to be an effective and productive business.

Do you want to join our team of Restroom Trailer Technicians?

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Are you able to travel, not afraid to get dirty, and willing to start the volume at 11 with the desire to crank it to 15? Are you looking to grow with a company, be responsible for one million dollars of inventory, are independent, and practice extreme ownership? Do you care about people, provide great communication, and strive to be humble? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

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At Stahla Services, our team members feel that their role is more than just a job. As a company, you’ll see we have hundreds of 5 star reviews on Google, and we are also a 5 star employer on If you are interested in joining the team, email us at You can also get to know our operations manager here.



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