How Much Does a Restroom Trailer Rental Cost?

If you’re looking for the cost for renting a Stahla Services bathroom trailer, there are several factors to take into account for the price of your trailer other than a flat rate. When filling out a quote for restroom or shower trailers, we will need to know the following:

  • Location of event site.
    • (to calculate milage and transportation costs).
  • Length of your event.
    • (daily, weekly, and monthly rates).
  • What kind of trailer you need.
    • (2 stall, 4 stall, 8 stall, or 10 stall, shower trailer, ADA, etc.)
    • All types of trailers listed here
  • Water and Electric availability at your location.
    • (to determine if trailer will need refilled and serviced regularly or not).
  • What extras or amenities you need.
    • (Larger stalls, air conditioning, heat, etc.).

By knowing these factors, Stahla Services can get you a quote ASAP so you know exactly what to expect when budgeting for your next big event! On average, two-stall trailers range from $1300 to $2000 per day while four-stall units tend to range from $1700 to $2200 per day.

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Are you planning a large event and need restroom trailers to accommodate your guests?

You may be wondering what the cost of renting such a trailer is. Restroom trailer rental costs can vary depending on the type of facility, delivery and setup services, maintenance needs, as well as any additional services that are required.

In this article we will explore all these factors so you have an understanding of how much it might cost for your particular event.

Learn about different types of restroom trailers available for rent, their associated costs based on size or features requested by customers; plus details regarding delivery & setup fees and ongoing maintenance charges.

Lastly find out more about other potential add-on services offered by some providers which could affect the overall price tag attached to renting one or multiple units!

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Find out your pricing options now.

Types of Restroom Trailers

When it comes to restroom trailers, there are a variety of options available for rental. From standard models to commercial and ADA-compliant units, there is something for every need.

Standard Restroom Trailers: Standard restroom trailers provide basic amenities such as toilets, sinks, and mirrors in an enclosed trailer unit. These trailers are typically used for events with smaller crowds or those that require only basic facilities. They can be equipped with either hot or cold water depending on the customer’s needs.

Commercial Restroom Trailers: Commercial restroom trailers offer more luxurious features than standard models including larger stalls and additional amenities like air conditioning and heating systems. These units are perfect for large outdoor events where comfort is key such as weddings or festivals.

Shower Trailers: Shower trailers come in both single stall and multiple stall configurations depending on the size of your event or venue space requirements. They include private showers with separate changing areas along with hot/cold running water and other amenities like towel racks and benches if requested by the customer.

ADA-Compliant Restroom Trailers: ADA-compliant restroom trailers meet all federal guidelines regarding accessibility standards set forth by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). These units feature wide doorways, handrails throughout each stall, low counters at sinks so wheelchairs can fit underneath them easily, as well as non-slip flooring surfaces to ensure safety while using them.

These types of restrooms are ideal for any event that may have guests who use wheelchairs or have mobility issues since they provide easy access into each individual stall without having to worry about maneuvering around tight spaces inside the trailer itself.

There are many types of restroom trailers to choose from depending on the size and purpose of your event. Knowing what type best fits your needs is key in understanding the cost factors associated with renting a restroom trailer.

Key Takeaway: Restroom trailers come in a variety of types, from standard to commercial and ADA-compliant units. They can provide amenities such as toilets, sinks, mirrors, air conditioningheating systems, private showers with changing areas and hotcold running water.

Cost Factors

When it comes to renting a restroom trailer, there are several factors that can affect the cost.

Size is one of the most important considerations when determining price. Smaller trailers typically cost less than larger ones; for example, two-stall restroom trailers usually start at around $1,500 while four-stall models start at about $1,750.

ADA compliant three-stall restroom trailers tend to be more expensive and usually begin at around $2,500.

Length of rental is another factor that will influence pricing. Renting a trailer for just one day may be significantly cheaper than renting it for an entire week or month. Location also plays a role in cost as some areas may have higher demand and therefore charge more for rentals than other locations with lower demand levels.

Shower trailers come in various sizes as well and their prices vary accordingly. Three stall combo (restroom and shower stalls) units generally start at around $2,500 while eight station shower trailers often begin at approximately $3,500 or higher depending on location and availability of the unit you need..

It is important to take all of these factors into consideration when planning your next event or project in order to get the best value without compromising on quality or service level expectations from your provider.

The cost of renting a restroom trailer can vary depending on the size, amenities, and location. However, delivery and setup are also important considerations that should be taken into account when determining your rental costs.

Delivery & Setup

Delivery & Setup of Restroom Trailers

When you rent a restroom trailer from us, we take care of the delivery and setup for you. We have an experienced team that will deliver your rental to its destination quickly and safely. Our team is also trained in proper installation techniques so that your rental is set up correctly and ready for use as soon as possible.

We don’t charge extra for delivery or setup services, so there are no hidden fees when renting with us. Depending on the size of the restroom trailer being delivered, our drivers may need assistance from another person at the site to help them unload it properly.

If this is needed, we’ll let you know ahead of time so that everything runs smoothly on delivery day.

Once your restroom trailer has been delivered and installed, our technicians will check all systems to make sure they’re working properly before leaving the site.

This includes testing all electrical components such as lights and outlets, checking plumbing connections for leaks or blockages, ensuring water pressure is adequate throughout the unit, verifying all doors open/close properly etc.. All these steps are necessary to ensure your rental functions optimally during its stay with you.

Our goal is always customer satisfaction; we want to make sure that every aspect of our service meets or exceeds expectations each time you work with us.

Delivery & Setup is an important part of the rental process and we strive to make it as seamless as possible. Now let’s take a look at how our team will ensure your restroom trailer remains clean and well-maintained with our Maintenance & Cleaning services.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Many rental packages include basic cleaning services, but if the trailer is rented for multiple days or weeks, extra cleanings may be necessary. Cleaning services typically start at $99 per clean and can vary depending on the size of the trailer and other factors.

At certain locations, we offer comprehensive maintenance and cleaning services that go beyond just a simple wipe down of surfaces. Our team will ensure that all fixtures in the restroom trailers are properly functioning before each use.

This includes checking toilets for proper flushing capabilities as well as making sure sinks have adequate water pressure and hot water availability when needed.

We also provide detailed sanitation services to make sure your guests feel comfortable using our restroom trailers during their event or outing.

All surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant products designed specifically for restrooms including countertops, door handles, mirrors, floors, walls and more. We even take care of any odors by providing deodorizers throughout the interior of each unit upon request.

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In addition to regular maintenance checks between uses, we also offer additional repair services should anything break down during an event or outing due to normal wear-and-tear or accidental damage caused by guests or staff members alike.

We have experienced technicians available who can quickly diagnose any issues you may encounter with your rental so they can be fixed right away without having to worry about interrupting your event’s timeline too much.

Finally, don’t forget about restocking supplies like toilet paper rolls. Our team is happy to provide this service at no extra cost so you won’t have to worry about running out mid-event either.

Proper maintenance and cleaning of restroom trailers is essential for a successful rental experience. To ensure the best service possible, consider additional services to make your rental even more convenient.

Key Takeaway: Restroom trailer rentals include basic cleaning services and comprehensive maintenance & sanitation services to ensure your guests feel comfortable. Additional repair services are available if needed, as well as restocking supplies like toilet paper rolls at no extra cost.

Additional Services

These services may include generator rentals, water tank fill or waste removal services.

Generator Rentals – If you’re looking for an easy and reliable way to power your restroom trailer rental, then renting a generator is the perfect solution. Generators come in all shapes and sizes so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly.

Prices typically start at around $250 depending on the size and type of generator needed for your specific application.

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Water Tank Fill – In order to keep your restroom trailers functioning properly, it’s important to make sure they have enough fresh water available at all times. This is where water tank fill services come in handy.

Companies offering this service will deliver fresh potable water directly to your site so you don’t have to worry about running out during peak usage periods. Prices usually start at around $150 per delivery depending on how much water is needed and how far away from their facility the delivery location is located.

Another great service offered by many companies providing restroom trailer rentals is extra waste tank pump out services when necessary.

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This ensures that any excess waste created by large events or extended use periods doesn’t accumulate beyond what the tanks were designed for, potentially leading to costly repairs down the line due to overfilling or overflowing tanks if not addressed quickly enough.

Prices typically start at around $150 per pump-out depending on how full the tanks are as well as other factors such as distance from their facility etc.

Key Takeaway: Key takeaway: Restroom trailer rentals come with additional services such as generator rentals, water tank fill and waste removal which can range in cost from $150-$250 depending on the size of the rental and other factors.

FAQs in Relation to Restroom Trailer Rental Cost

How much is a toilet trailer?

The cost of a toilet trailer rental can vary greatly depending on the size, features, and location. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500-$3,000 per day for a basic model with standard amenities.

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If you need more luxury or special features such as air conditioning or additional stalls, then prices will be higher. Additionally, if your event is located in an area where rentals are scarce or demand is high (such as during peak wedding season), then prices may also increase significantly.

How many porta potties do you need for 1000 guests?

The number of porta potties needed for 1000 guests depends on the duration of the event. Generally, it is recommended to have one portable restroom unit per 50-75 guests for a 4-hour event. For example, if your event lasts 8 hours, you should plan to provide 1 unit per 25-35 guests.

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How does a restroom trailer work?

A restroom trailer is a mobile sanitation solution that can be used for events, construction sites, or other temporary needs. It typically consists of several individual stalls with toilets and sinks connected to an onboard water tank and waste tank.

The tanks are then emptied periodically by a service provider. Restroom trailers also often include features such as air conditioning, running water, lighting, mirrors, and hand sanitizer dispensers for added convenience.Shower and Restroom Trailer Rentals 1696279666 Untitled design   2023 10 02T154743.697 - How Much Does a Restroom Trailer Rental Cost?

They provide a more comfortable experience than traditional portable restrooms while still being easy to move from one location to another.


The type of trailer you choose, delivery and setup fees, maintenance and cleaning costs, as well as any additional services you may need can all affect the total cost.

It’s important to consider these factors when budgeting for your event or project so that you get the best value for your money. With careful planning and research, you can find a restroom trailer rental company that meets your needs while staying within your budget.

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