Restroom & Shower Rentals for Emergencies

When the Emergency Strikes

Whether you are dealing with the aftermath of a disaster or preparing for one, sanitation services are an essential part of any relief effort. To ensure that everyone’s hygienic needs are met effortlessly, we carry a wide range of disaster relief trailers. From emergency portable toilets to mobile shower stalls, we have solutions that will provide relief during any emergency.

If you are in charge of a recovery effort, turn to us for help. We will provide reliable sanitation services and handle the entire delivery and setup process. Our goal is to make your experience as convenient as possible so you can focus your attention on more pressing needs.

Types of Disaster Relief Trailers 

We have a wide variety of solutions to accommodate everyone’s individual needs in an emergency scenario. That includes handicapped-accessible portable toilets that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

These trailers go beyond the necessities you’ll find in most emergency portable toilets to provide comfort where it’s needed most. Our shower trailers for disaster relief feature water heaters, while our emergency portable toilets have running water, temperature controls, sinks and other amenities. We can help meet everyone’s sanitary and hygienic needs, no matter the disaster scenario.

We offer the following trailers that are ideal for disaster relief:


Restroom trailers: Our restroom trailers will put everyone’s minds at ease with their real bathroom feel. Our restroom trailers can accommodate two, four, eight or 10 people at once depending on the size you choose.


Shower trailers: Our shower trailers will help relieve tension with temperature controls, water heaters and other capabilities. These trailers contain three to eight shower stalls.


Restroom ADA-compliant bathrooms: To accommodate everyone’s needs, we offer bathrooms with enhanced accessibility features and extra space. These ADA series bathrooms can accommodate three or eight people at a time.

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Recommended Restroom Trailers for Emergencies

10 Station Restroom Trailer, 8 Station Shower & Restroom Trailer, & 10 Station ADA Restroom Trailer

10 Station Luxury Restroom Trailer

8 Station Shower & Restroom Trailer

How We Handle Emergency Situations

In addition to our wide range of portable toilets for disaster relief, we will act accordingly to maximize our effectiveness in the situation at hand. Our trailers will provide hygienic conditions for anyone involved in an emergency situation, and our team will act quickly to move your recovery efforts along.

When you work with us, you can count on:


Fast response times: In disaster relief scenarios, time is valuable. We’ll report quickly to the scene of any emergency, prepared to do our part.


Speedy & reliable setup: Our team members are experts at setting up our emergency portable toilets. Each trailer will be functional and ready to use as soon as possible.


Prioritized convenience: In an emergency situation, we understand that there are countless factors on your mind already. We ensure that our disaster relief trailers are a stress-free part of any emergency scenario.

Contact Us Today for Disaster Relief

At Stahla Rentals, our priority is making your experience as smooth as possible. Dependable sanitation services will help everyone feel at ease throughout your recovery efforts. Contact us today if you need assistance or more information about our restroom trailers for disaster relief.