Renting Restroom Trailers In Wichita

Wichita, Kansas is the heart of the country. People in Wichita have a range of needs for both special events and commercial renovation concerning restrooms. We at Stahla Rentals offer clean, spacious toilet rentals so that you and your guests can enjoy famous Midwestern hospitality.

Our restroom trailers serve Wichita’s every need for anything from local film production to a bathroom remodel. If you need bathrooms for an outdoor project or event, you can benefit from the convenience of a commercial restroom rental. Our team at Stahla Rentals will set up luxury, handicap-accessible bathroom trailers for special events and more.


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Restroom Trailers for Commercial Needs

Wichita brings in tourists from all over the country to enjoy our hundreds of restaurants, parks and theaters. Customers at these locations will enjoy the added benefit of a clean and sleek bathroom. 

If your business is under construction, a commercial restroom rental will continue to serve your visitors in the meantime. Also, if your staff is growing and you need more space, these bathrooms are the perfect temporary fix.

For construction teams that need a restroom on the job, a toilet rental for your staff will give them convenience and ease. Our mobile shower trailers are also a great addition to any long-term job site. Workers can take a well-deserved break in one of these facilities and rinse off without leaving the property. Enjoy the privacy and security of our restroom trailers for your next Wichita project. 


(COMING SOON) Restroom Trailers for Special Events

Special events like weddings, retreats or fundraisers are popular at some of Wichita’s 144 parks. Guests at these events will love their experience in our spacious and clean restroom trailers. Show visitors how much you care with these beautiful toilet rentals.

To fully enjoy Wichita’s 30 annual festivals, guests would benefit from a bathroom built for their comfort. With temperature control, large stalls and an accessible layout, our restroom trailers complete a successful outdoor event.

We currently are only able to offer rentals for commercial projects of 28 days or more. But we are planning to provide rentals for short term events starting in 2022!


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Contact Us for Wichita Restroom Rentals

At Stahla Rentals, we offer various multi-stall and ADA handicap-accessible rentals for your commercial needs. Our team is a short drive from customers in Wichita, so we can set up and break down your trailer at your convenience.

You can browse our Wichita toilet rentals or request a quote if you are interested. If you have any questions, please call our office at 316-799-0700.





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