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Employee and system development is important for a successful restroom trailer company. Our Head of People Resources, Deb, has experience with developing a department from the ground up.

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A quick introduction to Deb:

A Missouri native from a family of 5 competitive brothers, Deb loves basketball, rugby, tennis, skiing, and has an interest in cosmetics, at one time hosting wedding makeup events. Her grandfather was her hero and she remembers fondly of summers crawdad fishing. Deb has a love for mountains and the ocean, photo journalism, trying new food, and learning new cultures.

After studying for two years at Mizzou, Deb worked for Von Maur for 5 years in sales and HR. She joined our portable restroom trailer company when it was a younger company that needed her experience to develop a people resources department.

Reasons Behind Building The Foundation

  • Deb has an innate belief that everyone has value and that if one is not expressing themselves fully that there is a reason. Investing in others, thinking about how you treat them, faith, love, and empathy are her driving convictions.
  • She joined Stahla Services to be apart of a fast growing company that provided the freedom to create without being micromanaged, flexibility and autonomy, and an opportunity to develop people as well as grow the company.
  • Developing people is her drive stemming from a fascination of education and how children respond all the way to her sales experience identifying a customer’s need and fulfilling it as employees have needs too.

Why is People Resources important for a portable restroom trailer company?

  • People matter no matter what business you’re in. As a business owner, you can only do so much yourself. Employees need to be able to take a vision and make it a reality as they are the boots on the ground.
  • Developing processes for hiring and development rather than just getting by elevates businesses quicker. It also aligns the the staff’s desires and work ethic with the company’s.
  • Time and talent is one of the most important things to a business; therefore, recruiting and development is a must.

What has helped in building the department from the ground up?

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  • Choosing the right software helps make one person two especially when working with everything from payroll taxes, hiring, and compliance.
  • The Society for Human Resource Management and fellow peers are helpful to gain new information and share new ideas.
  • There must be open communication with the leadership team. It takes steps to achieve a vision and if you don’t know what the vision is, you can’t plan the steps.
  • Systems don’t have to be perfect from the start. It’s okay to start with a version 1 and develop to a version 10 in a year or two. It’s about continuously refining and developing. People resources should not be about rules and bureaucracy, it should be about building a foundation that works for you.

Key tenets that should be included in company culture

  • Trust is the most important. People have to be able to communicate candidly. If one can’t, they will walk away not satisfied. People are much more engaged if they trust that management cares as well as their team.
  • Setting expectations right away is important because it helps to share the company’s vision and shows an employee what success looks like. You can’t afford to have people that don’t care about the business.
  • Communication is key in any relationship and it’s no different in the workplace. There needs to be an open forum of positive and negative aspects to allow for a level of clarity and understanding. Without this, you won’t be able to troubleshoot reoccurring problems.

Integrity has to be maintained in a business. Customers feel the company’s culture whether there is tension or if the staff feels that it is a great workplace. Supported staff will be professional, convey a welcomeness when they are performing a walk thru with customers, smile, and be fun to work with. If you focus on growing people and taking care of them, you’ll have a highly engaged staff.

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Our staff is our family at Stahla Services, and one reason why we have been successful in building a positive culture here is because one of our core values is humility. We are all toilet scrubbers; therefore, we ensure our staff succeeds while providing our clients excellent service. Email us if you are interested in joining our team and visit us at stahlaservices.com.



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