Our Core Values From Caleb

We focus on providing an in home experience.

Meet our Operations Manager

Caleb is an Elkhorn, Nebraska native and enjoys hunting, boating, and most of all, spending time with his family. Caleb has a background in business, marketing, information technology, and secondary education from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Shower and Restroom Trailer Rentals Stahla Operations Manager 2 - Our Core Values From Caleb
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Dogs are part of the culture at Stahla, and his goldendoodle, Tucker, rides shotgun wherever he goes.

Our Core Values in the Restroom and Shower Trailer Industry

We’ve asked Caleb to share what he feels is most important about what we do and here is what he had to say:

  1. We focus on having the Highest Standards in the industry.

    – We help many clients, every client is different, and every client is our #1 priority.
    – Our drivers are professional in their manner and appearance.
    – We don’t just focus on the interior of the restrooms, we cut, re-wax, and power wash the exteriors as well. Customers deserve to have an attractive option outside and in for their events.

  2. We achieve the Highest Standards by Systematizing Excellence.

    – It is of the utmost importance to have the right systems in place to deliver excellence every single time.
    – We have a 100 point inspection on our trailers. We want the customer to enjoy the restroom trailers as if we delivered one brand new. Wear and tear are tracked as well as overall usage to schedule appropriate overhauls.
    – The right systems in place make us efficient, which allows us to dedicate the time needed for clients when unique situations arise.

  3. We MUST Always Be Prepared.

    – Every site that we deliver a trailer to is different. We want to be available and be prepared to solve any unique issues.
    – We focus on empowering our drivers through thorough training and making sure they have the right tools for every delivery.
    – Details are important to our clients and we leave no stone unturned. On delivery, we test every system, and we walk our clients through the whole trailer.

  4. Humility

    – Staying humble helps drive us to always be better, and find better ways to serve our clients. Staying grounded is why we all work together so well too.

How did you start working with restroom trailers?

I met our founder, Grant, through my brother and got to know him through various functions. I helped him out one summer years ago when he was first starting the business and I was in high school. A few years later, he reached out to me and asked me to work full time while I was in college. I accepted, and it was one of the best decisions of my life!

Shower and Restroom Trailer Rentals Stahla Operations Manager 4 - Our Core Values From Caleb
Shower and Restroom Trailer Rentals stahla2 - Our Core Values From Caleb

Our internal culture is important here at Stahla Services. We work to provide the best service to our customers, and we want to hire the best people. Our employees get to experience a lot of growth, ownership, satisfaction, and feel they’re part of a family. Check us out at stahlaservices.com



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