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In Lincoln, Omaha, & Kansas City

At Stahla Services, we offer 2, 4, 8 and 10 Station restroom trailers as well as Handicap Acessible (ADA) restroom trailers. We also offer shower trailers. The simple, modern design ensures these VIP portable restroom trailers will fit right into your event or long-term commercial project.


The trailers come with its own at-home facilities that include the following:

Shower and Restroom Trailer Rentals np trailer 1010626 059BCC - Old Restroom Trailers

Self-contained design

Shower and Restroom Trailer Rentals np temperature control 257783 059BCC - Old Restroom Trailers

Air conditioning and heating

Shower and Restroom Trailer Rentals np idea 1610772 059BCC - Old Restroom Trailers

Interior and exterior lighting

Shower and Restroom Trailer Rentals np mirror 1407687 059BCC - Old Restroom Trailers

Full-size mirror above every sink

Shower and Restroom Trailer Rentals np faucet 844763 059BCC - Old Restroom Trailers

Chrome faucets

Shower and Restroom Trailer Rentals np forbidden 128929 059BCC - Old Restroom Trailers

LED occupancy signals

Shower and Restroom Trailer Rentals np bluetooth sound 1659604 059BCC - Old Restroom Trailers

Bluetooth sound system

Shower and Restroom Trailer Rentals np internal link 2348429 059BCC - Old Restroom Trailers

Internal water tanks and pumps

“I highly recommend Stahla Services and their products. We rented a restroom trailer during a recent double bathroom remodeling project. The unit was delivered on time, sparkling clean and perfect for our needs. We really appreciated the extra amenities provided by the Stahla Service’s units. We would absolutely use this company again!”


“We rented the restrooms from Stahla Services for our wedding this last weekend and the guests were blown away by his restroom trailer- granite countertops, full vanity with sink, in perfect condition”


Additional Information:


We are based out of Lincoln, NE, Omaha, NE and Kansas City, MO. We bring restroom trailers to your events/jobs in Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and South Dakota. We provide restroom and shower trailer rentals to many major towns in Nebraska such as Omaha, Grand Island, Bellevue, Kearney, Hastings, Nebraska City, Norfolk and, of course, Lincoln. We cover Central and Eastern Kansas towns such as Kansas City, Topeka, Manhattan, Salina and Wichita. We also cover towns in Missouri such as Kansas City, Springfield, Columbia and St. Louis. In Iowa, we support Des Moines, Sioux City and anywhere in between.

Quality Makes a Difference

With Stahla Services, you won’t have to settle for portable restroom trailers hobbled by dated features, old sinks and non-flushing toilets. We understand your need for a brand new and quality portable restroom trailer. Ours maintain a cleanliness, functionality and comes built with useful features. The trailers also sport a modern design that won’t make them look out of place in a rock concert or uptown wedding reception by the garden. It’s the kind of design that makes you think portable facilities can aspire to, and achieve, the level of quality you rarely find in such settings.

Stylish Makes for Special

One of the charming advantages of renting a luxury portable restroom trailer like the kind Stahla Services has on offer is the crowd-pleasing ambiance it helps you create. At Stahla Services, every time we rent these luxury portable restroom trailers out, we make sure the trailers fulfill a promise: that all our guests know how much we value their comfort and how we look forward to providing them with the best rental trailers we have on hand.

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