Luxury Restroom Trailer Company – Top Candidate Questions

What does it look like to work for a Luxury restroom trailer company?

We get asked frequently! Below are some factors to consider when trying to figure out if working for a restroom trailer company is something for you.

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1. Luxury Restroom Trailer Gross Factor

Working in the restroom industry lends itself to some potentially gross situations. Throughout the day there is about 5%-10% of the job dedicated to the “gross” aspects (eg.  pumping & dumping waste). The rest of the time is dedicated to setting, maintaining and fixing trailers that have come back from the field.

A core value at Stahla Services is ‘Humility’ as a result we are all toilet scrubbers which means each person in the organization is willing to jump into situations and be willing to help.

2. Day-to-day Schedule

Operations Technicians have a lot of autonomy, driving time, and independent work.

Firstly, mornings consist of traveling to job sites and servicing the restroom or shower trailer at each location (cleaning stalls, minor repairs, pumping waste, etc.)

Secondly, afternoons can consist of setting trailers at new locations and picking up trailers from jobs that have finished.

After that, the rest of the day consists of cleaning, making repairs to trailers and prepping the shop for the next day of work.

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3. Travel Requirements – Delivering a Luxury Restroom Trailer

Stahla Services is continuously looking to expand operations and bring new cities a mobile restroom trailer rental experience. The aim is to be the most local and reliable presence in each city we move into. Currently we have locations in Lincoln, Omaha, and Kansas City and are in process of expanding our territory to Denver, Wichita, St. Louis, and Oklahoma City.

Each new location opened opens our technicians up for overnight travel.  As a result, Operations Technicians can expect to travel up to 10 days a month, therefore; making this position perfect for someone who enjoys driving well equipped trucks, having variety throughout their work week, and encountering problems that require mechanical know-how and enjoying solving problems.

4. Growth Opportunities

With each new location opened comes an opportunity for increased responsibility. We are actively looking to hire a Shop Head for each new location. This person is responsible for setting up the shop. They manage people, over $1M in assets, as well as keeping up with standards for customer satisfaction.

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Stahla Services is rapidly growing in both size and scope of the operation and growing our team to be able to handle rapid growth. We are excited to continue to operate in new locations and that requires a team of rock stars who love what they do and enjoy pushing the company and themselves to take on and conquer the new and challenging. Click here to apply today!

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