Event Restroom Trailers in Lincoln

Luxury restroom trailers can provide your attendees with a comfortable experience, even if you are hosting your event in an outdoor location with limited access to water and electricity.

They’re a great amenity for upscale fundraisers, exclusive gatherings, or the VIP area at your event.

Climate-controlled restroom trailers include finishes such as high-end countertops, full-size mirrors, and a Bluetooth sound system — everything you would expect out of an indoor restroom.

Upgrade Your Next Lincoln Event With Our Restroom Trailers

Show your attendees your dedication to excellent customer service with an event restroom rental. Shower and restroom trailers enhance your occasion’s image and offer more capabilities and flexibility than port-a-potties. A bathroom rental is a unique finishing touch that’s sure to wow your guests.

Our luxury portable restrooms have many upscale amenities to enrich your attendees’ experience. These features include:


  • A Bluetooth speaker system.
  • High-end countertops.
  • Interior and exterior LED lights.
  • Heat and AC controls.
  • Running water.
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Luxury Restroom Rentals for Any Lincoln Event

From weddings to concerts, our event restroom trailers are ideal for any occasion. Popular events you can improve include:


  • Large parties and gatherings: Give your guests the royal treatment at any large-scale party with our restroom rentals. Even if they’re celebrating under the stars, they’ll have access to an upscale indoor bathroom.
  • Tailgates: An outdoor event is when attendees will appreciate running water, climate control and other luxurious features the most. Thanks to our portable bathrooms, any tailgater can recharge and feel pumped for the next Huskers, Saltdogs, or Lincoln Stars game.
  • Fundraisers: Raise the standards by incorporating a restroom trailer into your fundraising event. With an on-site bathroom, you can ensure everyone feels comfortable and boost your overall efficiency.

    Benefits of Choosing Our Event Restroom Trailers

    We prioritize your satisfaction, which means meeting you and your customers’ needs. Enjoy our unique advantages:


    • Impress guests with your attention to detail.
    • Give everyone access to the high-end restroom experience they deserve.
    • Choose from multiple stall options to accommodate every attendee and minimize wait times.

    How it works…

    Shower and Restroom Trailer Rentals GetToKnowYou - Events

    Get to Know Your Needs.

    We’ll help you determine your needs based on the number of attendees, your location and your event’s duration.

    Shower and Restroom Trailer Rentals ReserveTheRightTrailer - Events

    Reserve the Right Trailer.

    You’ll receive a recommendation from our experts, along with a power and water plan. You can reserve your trailer with a 50% upfront deposit.

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    Coordinate the Details.

    Once you’ve booked your rental, we’ll schedule a drop-off and pickup time that works for you. We’ll also address other details to ensure a smooth, quick setup.

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    Enjoy Your Big Day.

    When it’s time to host your event, your restroom will be fully stocked and ready to go. We’ll take care of everything so you and your attendees can have a fantastic time.

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