Best Restroom Trailers in Denver

If you have an outdoor wedding or you’re remodeling a business in Denver, Colorado, let us take the stress away from you in the restroom trailer rental process. We’ve been providing luxury trailers around the country for years, so we’re experienced and ready to tackle any situation.

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The city of Denver, Colorado is a popular living destination for people of all ages and backgrounds. So much so that the population of the city has grown around 20% in the last decade! With all of this expansion, there are tons of commercial projects and remodels going on around the city at all times. We set restroom trailers in Denver for a variety of different commercial and event purposes:

  1. Weddings
  2. Retail Restroom Remodel
  3. Water Main Issues
  4. Homeless Shelters
  5. Tailgates and More!

Restroom Trailers for Weddings

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Do you really want a line of smelly porta-potties at your outdoor wedding? Denver has a great selection of venues that host outdoor weddings; however, they may only have portable toilets or their restroom facilities aren’t close enough to the ceremonies. Don’t worry, renting a restroom trailer for these venues is easy.If need be, we will communicate with them directly for you. When we call, we’ll verify their schedule, power and water availability, and answer any of their questions.

Restroom Trailers for Special Events and Commercial Uses

Restroom trailers are popular amongst institutions for larger events such as fundraisers and other organized outdoor gatherings like tailgates. There is no better way to guarantee the comfort of you and your guests in times like these than a luxury restroom trailer.

Recently, a film production company requested a restroom trailer for a remote shoot. With our recent expansion to adding a physical shop in Denver, we are now much better equipped to handle any type of special event that you or your business may have.

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The city governments of Denver and other cities have used our shower trailers for homeless shelters. They are ideal because shower trailers are equipped with tankless water heaters to provide virtually unlimited hot water. When temperatures plummet well below freezing, our shower trailers have the supply to meet the needs of the city’s people.

Trailers for Restroom Remodels in Denver

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Business have to remodel restrooms occasionally to keep up with the growing quality standards. Don’t let a restroom remodel prohibit your company from conducting business and satisfying customers. Restroom trailers are also an answer if there’s a water main break. Portable restroom trailers from Stahla Rentals also allow businesses to increase their staffing while not having enough restrooms at the time to answer demand.

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Stahla Services provides a variety of restroom and shower trailers for events and long term projects in Denver including ADA restroom trailers. Being a local provider gives customers the added benefit of lower delivery and pickup fees during the rental process. Sometimes there are no transport fees at all if your business or project is close enough to our shop. You can find out all about our different restroom trailers here. You can also email us for more detailed information and exact pricing.

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