Covid-19 & Restroom Trailers

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The rapid creation of testing centers have been vital to our battle against Covid-19. Safe testing has meant that many people are tested in their cars because an open air environment protects our healthcare workers. Because of this requirement, testing sites have been in the parking lots of hospitals and clinics. They’ve also been setup outside of malls and inside of parking garages because they can handle a larger volume of traffic. Restroom trailers can provide a safe alternative rather than using nearby facilities or portable toilets.

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Healthcare workers have required support facilities that are reliable, and can be provided quickly. Portable toilets are just one of their needs. Solutions are not always simple when considering logistical needs. Testing sites are outdoors. Healthcare workers have a higher chance of being exposed to the virus. They needed something more than a simple portable toilet one might find on a summer construction project.


Why are restroom trailers ideal for emergency testing sites?

They can be set up quickly, and are easily serviced.

So are portable toilets so why opt for a restroom trailer?

Many restroom trailers are climate controlled; therefore, healthcare workers that are outside are able to quickly access comfortable facilities. In the middle of summer or winter in some areas, this is a must.

How do they provide better sanitation especially when it comes to protecting healthcare workers against the virus?

Restroom trailers provide single stalls for healthcare workers to support separation from others. They offer sinks for thorough hand washing. Disposed trash in a trailer is stored in an enclosed receptacle. Separate trailers can also be setup for different groups; for example: a separate trailer can be set up for just out of state personnel whether it be testing site workers, or suppliers delivering by truck.

What do I need to consider when searching for and selecting a restroom trailer provider?

You can find restroom trailer providers by searching for restroom trailers and your city state in a search engine such as Google. You’ll want to consider their Google reviews. Reliability is extremely important so that the restrooms are placed when needed, and serviced when needed. Call and email a provider and gauge how quickly they respond to you and how confident you feel that they’ve set expectations and answered your questions.

Midwest Restroom and Shower Trailer Provider

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Stahla Services offers climate controlled restroom and shower trailers in the Midwest including the areas of Denver, CO; Lincoln, NE; Omaha, NE; Kansas City, MO; St. Louis, MO; and Oklahoma City, OK. Restroom and shower trailers are available in a variety of sizes and configurations including ADA accessible trailers. Visit the website at stahlaservices.com. Click on ‘Get a Quote‘ on the upper right hand corner, or click on ‘Call Us Today’ for a facility near you.

Email info@stahlaservices.com for more information



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