Commercial Construction and Portable Restrooms

Portable restroom trailers keep the business running when a commercial client’s restrooms have to be shut down.

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What scenarios are portable restroom trailers used for?

  • Contractors use portable restrooms so businesses can keep operating and still provide clients and staff with quality substitutes.
  • Restroom remodeling in the commercial and retail industry accounts for the majority of demand.
  • Breaks in a business’ water main will also call for a temporary solution.
  • Industries that provide necessary staff shower and locker room facilities require portable showers during maintenance or remodeling.

    When climate-controlled facilities are required, portable restroom trailers are the solution.

Bidding, Logistics, and Delays

  • Contractors need quick and accurate proposals for procurement.
  • Any vendor that can simplify logistical needs allows a contractor to focus on the project and unforeseen problems.
  • Delays are almost always to be expected. Contractors may find unexpected problems while excavating, a part of the project to be a more significant issue than expected or a project may be delayed by suppliers.

I need a restroom trailer for a project. How do I find out my options and cost?

  1. Search for a supplier in the area of your project.

    Searching for a regional supplier will save on delivery costs. Area providers may have reviews and other materials for you to gauge if they are reliable or not.

  2. Call and Email

    Let the prospective supplier know the project’s location, time frame, and scope of the work.
    Let them know how many staff will use the restroom trailer or if it will be used for the business’ customers.
    Find out if there will be a power and water source at your project site.

  3. Look for a fast and detailed response that includes:

    Several options with specific pricing
    Discounted rates for long-term projects
    A specific delivery and pickup charge
    A per pump out charge which has a frequency that depends on the number of people using the restroom
    Reservation retainer and instructions, which may be a deposit of the first month of rental
    Power and water requirements
    Special notes such as who is responsible for janitorial work

    Responses should be concise, clear, and exact so any contractor or administrator can easily submit for budget approvals.

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Portable Restroom Trailer Logistical Needs

  • You will need a power source with dedicated 110v 15 amp circuits, whether from a brick and mortar building or a diesel generator that will run continuously throughout the project.
  • A water source will be needed within 250 feet of the trailer. Water can be trucked in for an additional fee. Double-check your water availability if the project occurs during the winter season.
  • You, the business, or the restroom supplier may be responsible for the janitorial needs of the restroom. That should be clarified ahead of time.
  • The restroom provider will let you know the frequency needed for pump-outs so you can budget accordingly.
  • If you are servicing a business with an ADA-accessible restroom requirement, your restroom provider will find you a solution.
  • Click here for more frequently asked questions.

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How do we help contractors, project managers, and administrative personnel?

Fast, Easy, and Complete Quotes

We understand the importance of getting information to you fast and as much detailed information as possible so you can proceed with bidding, reservation confirmation, or budget approval.

Don’t have all the answers or don’t know what you need?

We can still quote different scenarios in a detailed manner and give recommendations.

Planning, Logistics, and Expectations

We strive to be the easiest part of the start of your project.
We’ll help be a checklist to ensure the details are set in stone so that you don’t face any surprises.
– Who will be responsible for janitorial duties?
– How will water be supplied, especially during the winter.
– What will the power requirements be?
– What to do if there’s a clog.
When we drop off a restroom trailer, you’ll be provided a tour of the whole unit, including the mechanical room.


Delays are common during a construction project. We won’t be a cause for delay.


While we have listed business hours, we understand that commercial clients may need to get a hold of us after hours or on the weekend. Our staff works as a team to respond quickly through phone and email after hours and on the weekend.

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At Stahla Services, we are a partner that can help project managers have a simple and easy solution for a crucial need at their job sites. We strive to provide a seamless service and a will to exceed expectations. Reach out to us at or email





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