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High Employee Growth Potential

We have room for you to grow at our company. You can join at the entry level, learn and move up. We love promoting from within our organization because we like to reward our employees’ loyalty and dedication. 

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When you show us you’re eager to get better, we’ll work with you to make it happen.

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We offer a range of benefits to our employees. You can work full time and enjoy paid time off as well as a 401(k). We have different locations throughout the Midwest, giving you the flexibility to apply near you. 

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Our office has a great team atmosphere, and we treat our customers like family.

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Do you love dogs? We do, too! Our offices are dog-friendly, and you can bet that when you bring your pup in, it’ll make a lot of new friends. 

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We love connecting with our employees over our shared love of canines.

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In-House Training

We believe that recruiting employees for careers means more than just offering them a job. It also means preparing them to do that job well so they can look toward a future with our company.

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We’ll provide in-house training to familiarize you with our procedures and setup, and we’re happy to answer any questions you have about Stahla Rentals. You’ll always have someone you can talk to when concerns arise.

We believe the best people to lead your training are the ones who have been where you are. Our employees offer in-house training that anticipates your needs and delivers the practical information you need to perform the job. People who have done the same thing have the best insights into what situations you may face and offer the most helpful guidance.

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Clarity With Roles and Responsibilities

We have a clear system for who handles what task. Our structure allows us to assign roles and responsibilities based on your strengths.

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When you show initiative, you’ll receive more responsibility. We work together to define roles within our management system that will complement your experience. You won’t have to wonder where you stand with us. We’ll tell you what we expect, and we’ll show appreciation when you meet and exceed those expectations.

Whatever your role at our company, you’ll always put our customers’ needs first. Our company is part of the hospitality industry, and we want our customers to feel well cared for. You can be a part of that.

Industry Leaders

We provide first-class hospitality by delivering industry leading restroom and shower trailers. Our trailers feature climate control, Bluetooth audio, running sinks and more. We support our customers to ensure their events go smoothly.

Family Owned

We’re a family-owned company in the Midwest, which means we treat everyone with kindness and compassion. We want people on our team who see the value of a day’s work and enjoy being around others. Our business is people. When our customers are happy, we’re happy—and we do everything in our power to keep it that way.

Let’s Connect

We offer benefits and support our workers every day. If that’s what you’re looking for, we’d love to connect and discuss our openings!

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Join a Growing Company

At Stahla Services, we set high goals and achieve them. We expect to outperform the industry standard over the coming years, and we reinvest in our company by creating new positions to encourage future expansion. Our team works hard and keeps setting the bar higher. By providing the best possible service, we gain the trust of our customers, who act as our most effective marketers by referring our services to others.

Working for a high-growth company means being part of something on the way up. There’s an energy and excitement at Stahla Rentals that our team members enjoy, and we think you will, too.

Maybe You Feel




Lack of stability


Unsure of how to advance in your career

At Stahla We Help…


By providing a high opportunity growth environment


People reach their goals through personal and professional development


Provide clarity of your role to help each person understand what success looks like

Our Process

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Apply today!

We are seeking an independent, hard-working, positive person with great character to join our team!

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Interview Process

At Stahla Services, when we are interviewing new applicants, we are evaluating if the applicant has the potential to support and take ownership of our core values. We hire and fire based on our company culture and values.

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Welcome to the family! We are thrilled to be adding new people to the team. We are constantly looking for the next area in the company that we can grow and develop.

Does this sound like you?

Here’s who we’re looking for at Stahla

Know Your Why

Do your homework. What about the company has gained your interest? What sets the company apart from others? Why do you see yourself as a good fit?

Previous Experience

Highlight ways that you will add value. If you don’t have relevant experience, talk about previous job experience that will help you prepare and train with us.

Your Superpower

Communicate your intrinsic motivation. What makes you want to get up every day? How would you bring that energy and focus into the company?

The Stahla Core Values


Humility is our most important value. Regardless of role, we are always willing to help anyone at any time. We have a common saying here that we are all toilet scrubbers. Whether one works in the office, drives pumping trucks, or delivers restroom trailer rentals, humility creates a culture of support and teamwork. Practicing humility also allows us to deliver best in class customer service.

Always Prepared

Always Prepared is a core value practiced by everyone. Our office staff gathers and analyzes a lot of data to prepare for the future, and identify where we need to improve. Our technicians practice this value by making sure they’re prepared to handle the unexpected during delivery. We are not a company that micromanages.

Systemize Excellence

Systemizing Excellence is how we operate our business. Mistakes can (and will) happen, but putting in systems with checks and balances mitigates mistakes. This not only allows us to provide flawless customer service, it also allows us to be a sustainable restroom trailer rentals company. We want you to see a need and meet it.

Extreme Profitability

Extreme Profitability is our final core value and may seem like an obvious value to have. Being extremely profitable allows us to take care of employees, customers, and vendors in a generous way. We want to be generous with our staff because we want employees to have an ‘ownership’ mindset.

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