Better Restrooms = Better Business

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Think about the stores you frequent the most. Are their restrooms clean? If you moved to a new area, and visited a business that had filthy restrooms, would you go back? If you had a preferred retail or fast food chain, would you travel a little further to go to the cleaner store?

Dirty And Uncomfortable Restrooms Diminishes Foot Traffic

A great article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel featuring Bradley Corp, a manufacturer of commercial restroom fixtures, highlights a poll that really shows the public’s behaviors and expectations. Let’s take a look at some of their statistics.

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  • 80% of us use public restrooms.
  • 55% probably won’t return after having a bad experience.
  • 64% of consumers consciously choose a business based on if they have well maintained restrooms.

For retailers, having clean and comfortable restrooms increases dwell time. The longer a customer is shopping in a store, the more they will purchase. Customers rushed due to nature calling and not being comfortable with the business’ restrooms impacts sales.

Remodeling and plumbing issues require temporary solutions. Those solutions should be clean and comfortable as well.

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These two facilities have something in common. They’re both portable.

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Portable toilets have come a long way over the years with foot pedals, flushing bowls, and are made with better materials. While they are cheaper, they lack climate control, are cramped, and can be uncomfortable. Many quality portable toilet providers exist, but many people have used one that is unpleasant. There’s still a stigma that applies that can affect how customers behave.

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When a temporary solution is needed due to a remodel or water main issue, that solution should replicate existing facilities. In some cases, customers would expect nothing less. Rather than shut down, portable restroom trailers can keep a business running without diminishing the customer’s experience.

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