Guide to Planning Restroom Rentals for Outdoor Weddings

After an engagement celebration comes the process of extensive planning for your special event. Planning a wedding is all about the details and preparing those details well in advance.

Why Is It Especially Important to Start Planning Now?

  • Covid-19 caused the postponement of many activities and events. Demand for travel, leisure, and personal events may mean limited service providers are available.
  • Outdoor weddings have grown in increasing popularity. They provide a natural atmosphere, can accommodate many guests, and are more kid-friendly.
  • Many people may opt for an outdoor wedding instead of an indoor one this year as a precaution or simply to enjoy the scenery.

How to Plan a Bathroom Setup With Outdoor Weddings

If you’re working out how to plan an outdoor wedding ceremony, consider the bathroom logistics. Outdoor venues may not have a bathroom, so you may need a portable restroom for your guests. 

Portable toilets, commonly called “port-a-potties,” are small, single-stall bathrooms. While they work sufficiently, they have a reputation for being cramped, bad-smelling, and unsanitary. Upgrading to restroom trailers lets your wedding stand out and elevates your venue to a more luxurious experience.

Keep your bathrooms out of direct sightlines while eating, carefully placing your trailers behind a structure or some trees. Ensure the trailers are close enough to the main path or tent for guest convenience. If there are any water or electric sources on the property, place the restrooms by them for properly functioning facilities.

You can also organize a décor theme for the restrooms. Use candles, flowers, toiletry baskets, nice soaps, and hand towels to spice up the interiors. 

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Restrooms and the Small Details

Every detail is important in a wedding, and providing comfortable restroom facilities for your guests is an important one. Here are a few details about them to consider:

  • Portable restroom trailers are an attractive amenity. We routinely cut and re-wax the exteriors to provide a nice white shine. You can add plants around the outside of a trailer to enhance the aesthetic.
  • The trailers are equipped to play Bluetooth audio inside of them to which you can put a personal touch to.
  • Do you have a theme for the floral arrangements provided for your wedding? There’s countertop space for them too!
  • Dedicated men’s and women’s stalls are a massive benefit to your guests.
  • Consider a trailer that has an accessible stall for a portable bridal suite.

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Logistics and How Many to Get

To maximize guest comfort and convenience, find the right size restroom trailer. For weddings with 180 guests, a two-stall restroom trailer would work well. Although, sizing up to a four-stall restroom trailer doubles the available restrooms and ensures your guests don’t miss anything. 

You’ll also want to consider the wedding itself when choosing restroom sizes — are guests going to drink and eat often? If so, you may consider sizing up to accommodate higher restroom use. Also, think about space — where will the bride and groom be getting ready at the outdoor venue? ADA-compliant restroom trailers provide ample room to get ready before the ceremony. 

When renting a portable restroom, double-check space, water and electric needs, setup and pickup times, and other amenities. Does your venue have water and electricity, or will the company supply it? Will there be enough setup time before the event? Go over all of the details with your rental company to ensure everything operates smoothly.

The restroom trailer delivery process should be seamless and straightforward to reduce stress. Our staff will work with you to sort out the logistics of water, space, cleaning, delivery, and removal so you can focus on your big day. There should be sufficient space for the restroom trailer based on its size, with no low-hanging tree branches or uneven ground. 

Other Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

You can browse various outdoor wedding ceremony ideas online, but personalizing your wedding creates a memorable event. Use vows, decorations and music that relate to you and your partner’s tastes. A marriage is about the two of you, so use blogs and pictures as inspiration, but add small twists to make it yours. Your favorite flowers, small knick-knacks and handwritten cards make the wedding more intimate and unique. 

One of the best ways to keep track of the small details is by planning an outdoor wedding checklist. Write out restrooms, services, decorations, reservations needing confirmation, and note important dates. If you have any outdoor wedding, the rules to tell guests are inform them on the invitations and announce a quick reminder before the event starts. 

Be sure to ask questions throughout the process. Talk to vendors and event hosts to discuss options from the first meeting to avoid confusion. Consider hiring a wedding planner to help with the wedding — they’ll work with you to ensure everything goes smoothly. Have fun planning your outdoor wedding — you’re celebrating an important event in your life. It should be an exciting, personal process you’ll remember for years!

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At Stahla, we’re here to help with the critical details. We help with the essential components of providing your guests with upscale restrooms to help make your wedding perfect. Reservations require a 50% deposit. Do you have a Saturday wedding? We will set up the prior Friday, and pick up on Monday, so you have peace of mind. Get a quote or email us for more information.

How it works…

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Get to Know Your Needs.

We’ll walk you through what you need to consider to rent the right trailer, like your location, number of guests, and whether you need the trailer for a rehearsal.

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Reserve the Right Trailer.

After learning about your needs, we’ll recommend the best trailer for you, along with any additional equipment you may need, like a generator or pre-filled water tanks.

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Coordinate the Details.

When we’ve identified the right trailer, we’ll schedule a drop-off and pickup time, and work through any other details necessary to get you set up successfully.

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Enjoy Your Special Day.

We’ll make sure your restroom is ready to go and stocked with everything you need to have a smooth, worry-free celebration. Trust Stahla Rentals for premier restroom solutions.

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We used Stahla Rentals for our outdoor wedding! Their service is impeccable. They came out early to drop it off for us. They showed us everything we needed to know. My guests loves how they are air conditioned and super clean. Highly recommend!
Rented for our daughters wedding in Lincoln, NE. Absolutely beautiful, and spotless! Great customer service. Fast responses. Don’t hesitate, call Stahla!
We rented a luxury restroom trailer for our wedding reception at my parents farm. I think close to every single person who attended our wedding mentioned how impressed they were with the restrooms. Not only were they clean and smelled fresh, but they were perfectly air conditioned and had fun music in the background. Also the gentleman who helped install and setup our trailer was professional, timely, and did an efficient job. We absolutely will use Stahla again in the future for our bigger parties.
Top notch!!! We rented a trailer of restrooms for our daughters wedding. Best money spent!!!! They were clean, comfortable, spacious, smelled nice, air conditioned, etc. Great, friendly customer service too! Would highly recommend Stahla Services!!
We rented a trailer of restrooms for our daughters wedding and they were FABULOUS!!! Neat, clean, smelled clean, air conditioned, etc. in my opinion, that was the best money spent for the whole affair! Great customer service as well! Highly recommend Stahla Rentals!!
Stahla Services provided the restrooms for our farm wedding, and they were wonderful to work with! Not only are their restroom trailers clean, impressive, and pleasant, but their staff was wonderful to work with! 5/5 stars and HIGHLY recommend working with Stahla Services.
These luxury restrooms were the nicest restrooms you could ask for. Our wedding was outside and it got pretty muddy, but it smelled nice, there was music, and lights. Company was recommended to us and they did not let down. Very very easy to work with and we will use them again! Thank you!!
We had the best experience with Stahla Services. They were very friendly, professional and great at communicating. Everything arrived and was picked up on time. We had the two stall for our outdoor wedding and got so many compliments on how nice the restrooms were. I would definitely recommend them!
We used Stahla Services for our backyard wedding this fall and I was blown away with how many people were complimenting us on the restroom tailer! It smelled great and was so clean. The kids even loved it so much that a few of them would just hang out in it and listen to the music! Mike was so great to work with and even though I got in contact with him on short noticed he was able to get me booked with exactly what I was wanting in under an hour! Thank you Stahla Services for being so easy to work with and helping make my wedding planning a little less stressful!
I got so many comments the day of our wedding how nice the porta potties were! Friendly people and delivery and pick up was a breeze. Would definitely recommend to anyone!
We rented the 4 stall restroom trailer from Stahla Services and it was perfect for our daughters wedding. The restrooms have both heat and air-conditioning and also music. Very clean, perfect for a wedding when your all dressed up. They arrived the day before to set up and was picked up promptly from the location! Highly recommend!
This bathroom trailer was absolutely perfect for our wedding which we held at home. Our guests are still talking about how awesome it was. It was clean and delivery and pick up were a breeze.
The guys at Stahla Services did a great job of keeping us up to date as our wedding got closer. They were easy to work with and the luxury bathroom trailer was exactly as promised - it worked great all through the night.
Stahla Services were amazing to work with! I used them for my backyard wedding and EVERYONE was in amazement at how fancy they were. It was very easy to organize as to when they were coming to be dropped off and picked up. I would highly recommend Stahla Services!!
We used Stahla for our outdoor wedding and they were FANTASTIC! Delivery and hook up was a breeze, pick up was a no brainer. They were a hit with all our guests. Wonderful customer service and a fantastic product!
We were searching for port a potties for my daughters wedding in June. There were very few companies that would return my phone call or answer my email. To my surprise, Stahla Services answered the phone first try. I couldn’t believe it when they proceeded to give me prices on the luxury restrooms. They were way cheaper than other places and only a couple hundred more than the port a potties plus a hand washing station. It was a no brainer. They were super friendly, stayed in communication with me and delivered, set it up, broke it down and picked it up. It was definitely a hit at the wedding lol. I would definitely recommend Stahla Services to anyone. Great experience!!
Highly recommend. Used for an outdoor wedding, every guest was appreciative and impressed by how nice they were. Wonderful customer service during delivery and pick up.
We had an outdoor wedding at our home and had the luxury restrooms delivered, they were definitely a hit! We were so happy with them and so were our guests!! They were super clean and it was nice to have a sink to wash your hands during all this COVID-19 craziness! Thanks Mike for being so great to work with! Jill
I overheard the guests at my wedding say “That was the nicest porta potty I have ever seen”.And then a couple ladies went to check it out, Who does that ?The service was excellent, you get what you pay for!
We used there 4 stall bathroom trailer for our wedding and it worked perfectly! We got lots of compliments of how nice they were and how warm it was in there on a 40 degree day. We highly recommend them to everyone!
We rented a 2 stall trailer for our wedding and were pleasantly surprised with how nice they were. The guys delivering were very helpful with coordinating placement, and instructing us how to manage water and power. Would definitely recommend.
We used Stahla for our son's wedding reception at our place. They were wonderful and everyone commented how incredibly nice the restrooms were. Great company!
This was awesome! So worth it. Clean, nice restrooms, my wedding guests loved it. I had more compliments on the potty's!
Very professional company! Would highly recommend using their restroom trailers. We used one at our wedding and it was exactly what we needed! Clean, air conditioned and affordable. Thanks Stahla Services!
Who would think a portable restroom would be the talk of the wedding-but it was. Spotlessly clean, air conditioned, piped in music. Thank you! We would be happy to recommend you to anyone that needs your services.
Used Stahla Services 4-stall trailer for an outdoor/urban wedding. Everything about the trailers, their service was impeccable. The portable restrooms got so many compliments it was crazy! Highly recommend.
We rented a 2 toilet restroom trailer for our wedding for 200 at our acreage Aug 12. The air conditioned facilities were lovely, and completely equipped with soap and plenty of toilet paper and even music. The staff made sure it was positioned perfectly in a tight spot on our property. It was the best purchase we made for the reception.
Cleanest restrooms and best service around. When I used Stahla Services at the cattlemen's ball this past summer, the individual stalls and restroom trailers were so impressive I hired this guy for my wedding. The ladies loved being able to have a cool spot to fix their make up in the air conditioned restroom trailer. He showed up ahead of time and there was no hassle. Great price. Great service. Definitely recommend
We just rented the restroom trailer for an outdoor wedding and it was perfect for our 200 guests. Brand new, very clean and easy to use. Best portable restrooms we could have found! Couldn't be more pleased with the service that we received from Grant. Would rent again!
We used Stahla Services portable toilets for an outdoor wedding and they worked great. The units were delivered on time and clean. They even smelled great. Having a sink with soap, water and paper towels make them FAR superior to the typical porta-potty restrooms. Great experience. Would use them again for sure!
Absolutely delightful to work with. Wonderful customer service and very professional. The restrooms are immaculate. We rented the restrooms from Grant for our wedding this last weekend and the guests were blown away by his restroom trailer- granite countertops, full vanity with sink, in perfect condition. We couldn't be happier or more pleased with the service/product. Thank you! We are so glad we found you.
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