Summer Events That Need a Portable Restroom

A restroom trailer brings a washroom or even showers to any type of event that you are hosting. Instead of just a plain portable toilet, our restroom trailers are accessible and stable. Luxury restroom trailers from Stahla Rentals come in different sizes for every need and include a sink, so they are functional and comfortable. 

Summer Events That Will Benefit From Restroom Trailers

Warm weather means more festivities are held in the open air, so there are more outdoor events in the summer that need a restroom trailer. If you’re organizing a special occasion outdoors with many visitors, contact Stahla Rentals.

Several types of outdoor events could use a restroom trailer:

  1. Music festivals: With large 10-station restrooms and even shower trailers for multi-day events, you can keep everyone at your music fest comfortable with a luxury experience guests will remember. 
  2. Camping events: Whether you’re organizing a STEM camp, outdoor camp or any camping activity, restroom trailers keep everyone at your campground clean and refreshed for more outdoor activities. 
  3. Car shows: In the summer, car events like car shows and races can draw huge crowds. When you’re showing off the best racing skills or prized cars, luxury restroom trailers help you elevate your elegant brand.  
  4. Farmer’s markets: Let customers use the washroom at your farmer’s market in comfort with clean, comfortable and well-lit restroom trailers. A pleasant restroom experience will encourage shoppers to stay longer and keep browsing. 
  5. Fairs: Summer fairs, like amusement parks with rides, attract families who need restroom facilities. Restroom trailers provide small children and caregivers a safe and hygienic place to cleanup, allowing them to stay at a fair longer. 
  6. Movie nights and film festivals: Film events can last for hours, so restroom trailers are important to ensure everyone can relax and enjoy the shows. Luxury restroom trailers also let you accommodate any stars and directors who attend your event.
  7. Pop-up restaurants: Foodie events like pop-up restaurants and food festivals can attract big crowds, and since drinks are served, restroom trailers are important. Restroom trailers are an excellent choice because they contain sinks so customers can wash their hands before returning to the food.

Rent Your Executive Restroom Trailers From Stahla Rentals

If you want your guests to have a pleasant and comfortable experience, providing a beautiful, clean and full bathroom can make your event a luxurious occasion. Impress visitors with spacious, comfortable restroom trailers in the right size and configuration for your event. Get a quote from Stahla Rentals today to get ready for your summer festivities. 

How it works…

Shower and Restroom Trailer Rentals GetToKnowYou - Summer Events That Need a Portable Restroom

Get to Know Your Needs.

We’ll walk you through what you need to consider to rent the right trailer, like your location, number of attendees and the length of your event.

Shower and Restroom Trailer Rentals ReserveTheRightTrailer - Summer Events That Need a Portable Restroom

Reserve the Right Trailer.

After learning about your needs, we’ll recommend the best trailer for your event and plan for your water and power needs. Trailer reservations require a 50% deposit upfront.

Shower and Restroom Trailer Rentals np schedule 3088306 059BCC - Summer Events That Need a Portable Restroom

Coordinate the Details.

When we’ve identified the right trailer, we’ll schedule a drop-off and pickup time and work through any other details necessary to get you set up successfully.

Shower and Restroom Trailer Rentals np party 1486295 059BCC - Summer Events That Need a Portable Restroom

Enjoy Your Special Day.

When the event comes around, we’ll make sure your restroom is ready to go and stocked with everything you need to have a smooth, worry-free event.

Recommended Restroom Trailers for Events

10 & 4 Stall Bathroom Trailer Rentals & 3 Station Combo Shower Trailers

10 Stall Restroom Trailer

4 Stall Restroom Trailer

3 Station Combo Shower Trailer

See Our Google Reviews

The staff was so friendly and accommodating. Delivery and set up made renting the trailer completely effortless. The design, quality, and cleanliness of the trailer was exemplary! Stahla Rentals is worth the money and I will definitely use their trailers for any future events.
We used Stahla for a recent event, Steve and Mike made the set up to pick up it was a breeze! They are top notch restroom trailers, and everyone thought they were so great! We will be using them for future events!Jody Olsen - Pella Windows & Doors of Omaha and Lincoln
I have used Stahla trailers for a large corporate event for the last few years and they have always provided awesome trailers to match their impeccable service. Everyone at our event always says the restrooms are the best part!
Loved everything about this rental! We had around 100 people in our lawn for an event and everyone raved about this trailer. Great option if you have an event outdoors. Drop off and pick up was very easy. Would highly recommend!
You want top notch restroom trailers? Look no further. Climate controlled. Music. Running water. The whole nine yards… Beyond the trailer itself, the customer service is incredible. They work with you to make sure your event is perfect. Super clean and sanitary. Seriously, stop looking and book Stahla.
If you need restrooms for an event, look no further! Steve and the techs who delivered the restrooms were great to work with.
If you need a luxury portable restroom on a trailer for your event or job site, these are the folks to call. Excellent service, and excellent equipment. Will use again. Top notch folks!
We have had Stahla out for a Gala Fundraiser several years running and couldn't t be happier.From the genuine care in customer service to the truly impressive quality of their products this company is top notch in all regards.How often has the undercurrent in conversation at an event you are attending been "how incredible that port-a-potty is"? I can guarantee you'll hear that if you have Stahla out at your event. The portables we have been provided are always well stocked, have handwashing areas and sanitizers, great lighting and MIRRORS and the toilets flush (not a hole in a bucket).If you need a portable restroom for your event, you need to call Stahla.
We used Stahla for an event we put on and the restrooms were the unexpected highlight. They are clean and make you feel like you’re in a house, not a portable restroom! Grant and his staff were very easy to work with and service was prompt at the times they promised each day. P.S. make sure you turn the radio on so guests hear music when they use the stalls!
Seriously the best portable restroom available! We rent a two-stall trailer for a 3 day weekend event that hosts 200+ people and we have only ever heard compliments from our guests. Clean, air conditioned, and private (there's even music playing!).
I cannot say enough good things about Stahla Services. We have rented a trailer from them for a very large corporate event for the last 3 years, and they have always provided us with fantastic trailers and impeccable service. They are available for questions, they keep the trailers clean and well-maintained, and they are very nice people. I would recommend them again and again!
Stahla Services was professional and prompt.For our event of over 200+ people, we ran into no problems and received many compliments. We were very impressed, and will continue to use them year after year!
Hired them for a mid week event. The delivery was very easy. I asked them to give me a heads up so I knew when they'd be there and they did. The restrooms were perfectly clean. He showed me how to lock/unlock, start up the generator. Guests loved them. Would definitely use again!
The restroom we got from Starla’s was more than we could have ever imagined. Delivery was professional with every aspect of the unit explained. The inside AND outside were immaculate and appreciated by all who attended our event. A big thank-you to Stahla!!
Worked with our event organizers to help out a non-profit event stay within its budget, plus went the extra mile to deliver Sunday. The event was located in Downtown Omaha and we were nervous about Saturday night people. Thanks again for all your help!!
Stahla is super flexible, easy to work with, and the toilets are so clean and well equipped that I get compliments on it every year at our event! This is the 3rd year I've worked with Stahla and it'll continue to be an annual partnership.
We have been very happy working with Grant and the rest of the Stahla Services team while planning the vast variety of events that we've hosted down in the RailYard Entertainment District. Their facilities and service are top notch!
Now this is how portable bathroom experiences should be. Not only were the bathrooms very clean, but I was surprised by how nice everything in the bathroom was. I hope to see more of Stahla Services at future events!
Highly recommend Stahla Services. The facilities that we rented were clean and well stocked. We had many positive remarks about them. Not only is their product outstanding, but so was the customer service. We have recommended Stahla Services to others who rent portable toilets and we plan to use them for future events.
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