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Why Construction Job Sites Need Restroom Trailers

Portable toilet vs restroom trailer & productivity

It is no secret that construction work is already no fun. Workers have to endure unpredictable weather, long hours, and physically demanding labor. Additionally, construction sites often only offer restrooms in the form of porta potties, which typically are rarely serviced. If you also have customers to cater to, your choice of a temporary restroom can have an even larger impact on business. Thankfully for you, we have a restroom trailer that can cater to all your needs, as well as those of your employees and customers. At Stahla Services, our aim is to provide a far superior alternative to the dirty and dated porta potty. For us, minimizing the number of negative experiences from using porta potties is priority #1 and #2.
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Invest in your People

At Stahla Services, we have invested millions of dollars into restroom trailers, luxury shower trailers, and manufacturing centers. Despite this, our most highly-valued assets are still our employees, the true backbone of the business. This is why successful companies look to prioritize the wants and needs of its most valuable resource, its human resources. Investing directly in employee and customer satisfaction is a great way to promote the profitability and efficacy of any company. This dynamic is also true in the construction industry, where most employees are highly-specialized and more difficult to replace. For commercial contractors or construction companies, this means spending more on employee needs can return an intangible profit.
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How Can I Add Value to My Employees?

One simple way to invest in your construction workforce on a job site is through the comfort of a luxury restroom trailer or two. The added comfort, convenience and at-home feel that a restroom trailer rental provides is worth every cent. The traditional porta potty features a foul scent and little to no handwashing station. However, our luxury restroom trailers feature a flushing system, a separated septic tank, and a sink and vanity combination. All of our trailers also feature climate control, whereas porta potties are dependent on the outside conditions. Lastly, we outfit all of our restroom and shower trailers with Bluetooth stereo systems for added customer enjoyment. Our selection of trailers have the capacity to cater to nearly any size of workforce or volume of use. All you need are water and electricity connections before you are on the path to better, more lavish lavatories.

Find Out More

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Want to learn more? Looking for a business to take care of your business? Need a restroom trailer immediately after reading this? We understand, and were always ready to handle your restroom or shower trailer needs . Check out our website for rental information, or contact us at your nearest Stahla Services location for any questions.

How It Works…

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Get to Know Your Needs.

We’ll get to know more about your business, including your staff size and location.

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Reserve the Right Trailer.

After learning about your needs, we’ll recommend the best trailer for your business, and plan for your water and power needs. Trailer reservations require a 50% deposit up front.

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Coordinate Maintenance and Cleaning.

Whether you have an on-site janitorial staff to handle upkeep or you want us to manage those details, we have a variety of plans to fit your needs.

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See Our Google Reviews

We needed a restroom in a pinch and Stahla Svcs did it quick!! They followed up with me via email and made everything very easy. Great company to work with.
The restroom trailers were spacious clean and very nice ! Jeremiah who came out was very professional and courteous.Amy Pott
Great bathroom facilities
The restroom trailers were very clean and in great condition! Better than we expected. Would highly recommend!
Wonderfully nice people with wonderfully nice restrooms.
Stahla made the impossible possible! We were blown away by the customer service!! The big wigs on the shoot complimented the bathrooms...that never happens!! Super happy and will use them every time!!
We used Stahla 2-stahl bathroom trailer on a commercial video shoot and they were so great to work with. We unfortunately had very last minute instructions for drop off and usage and they were very accommodating to all our needs. They were professional in every way and will definitely use them again. Plus these are nicer to have then the average port-a-pot! Who can complain about having AC and running water on a 96 degree day!
Easy to communicate with, on time, and the cleanest most awesome bathroom trailer around! We received so many compliments!!
We have been using Stahla portable restrooms and restroom trailers for a couple years now. The people are always easy to work with and restrooms arrive perfectly clean! Overall a great business to work with!
Very good with communication and professionalism. Plus, the restroom trailer was nicer than my bathroom at home haha. Got a lot of compliments! Thanks guys
Fantastic restroom and excellent service. I highly recommend!
Great service and very clean restrooms!
Grant is great to work with. The Restroom trailers are amazing. Will work with Stahla Services again.
If Google is really paying attention to my searches, they must have had a laugh when I googled "Luxury Restroom Trailer" - not something I ever expected to need. We had a water supply issue to our building and had Stahla set up the trailer for us so that we could be open for business. Great service, great trailers, and minimal hassle to take care of a problem that nobody else wants to. Air conditioning and house music make this a great big upgrade from a port-a-potty!
I highly recommend Stahla Services and their products. We rented a portable toilet during a recent double bathroom remodeling project. The unit was delivered on time, sparkling clean and perfect for our needs. We really appreciated the extra amenities provided by the Stahla units. We would absolutely use this company again.
Our business had a plumbing emergency yesterday. I called Grant around 11:00 and we had two units delivered and set up in an hour! Rusty delivered them and set them up. Both Grant and Rusty were great to work with. The units were very nice and clean. They really helped us out when we were in a tough spot. I highly recommend Stahla Services.
Wow, now those are what I call portable bathrooms. Great people to work with too, very punctual. If you need a service like this, look no further.
I've used Stahla Service portable toilets and the restroom trailers and was extremely impressed. They were very clean and smelled great. I was also thankful for the sink, running water, soap, flushing toilets... and even music in the background. I definitely recommend this service.
Before working with Stahla Services, I was struggling to find a dependable Portable Toilet Rental company for our company tailgate parties. As I started looking for a solution, I was worried about finding an affordable and presentable bathroom for our clients and prospects to use during the party. Grant at Stahla Services solved my problem by providing the cleanest portable toilet I have ever seen. It was also about the same price as the competition! The portable even had running water and flushing toilets, which is imperative when serving food at a party.I feel comfortable about using Stahla Services, because of their superior portable toilets, the fact that Grant always either answers or returns my telephone calls right away, delivery is always on time and their competitive pricing.As a result of working with Stahla Services, my company (Unite Private Networks) now has picked up four additional customers and will retain our current customers.Ryan Kramer
Stahla Services has really set the bar high for the next time I need to use an outdoor restroom! We rented four of the white portable toilets and I was literally blown away at how extravagant they were!! These restrooms were clean when they arrived and before Grant left he scrubbed the outsides of any additional smudges picked up while transporting them to our location. I was actually excited for my guests to use these toilets, and when has that ever happened to anybody?? They have built in sinks and soap dispensers to wash your hands, you flush the toilet (so you never see the yucky stuff found at the bottom of other portable toilets), and they have motion sensing lights!! All and all, if you are looking for a quality product at an affordable price while receiving exceptional customer care, go with Grant Stahla and Stahla Services!!
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