ADA Series Restroom Trailers

Ensure that all your guests have accommodations that fit their needs. Whether you’re looking for a wheelchair accessible restroom trailer or if you just need extra space for easy maneuverability, we offer multiple ADA compliant options.

The ADA series restroom trailers are also a great choice for wedding parties that need extra room to get ready or to provide nursing mothers with a comfortable, climate-controlled space.

If you’re in Lincoln or Omaha, Nebraska, we also offer ADA portable flushing toilets for your lower budget events.

Shower and Restroom Trailer Rentals np handicap 2190968 059BCC - ADA Series Restroom Trailers

ADA Restroom Trailers Include:

  • Anti-slip wheelchair ramps
  • Spacious stalls
  • Handrails for stability
Shower and Restroom Trailer Rentals np features 365800 059BCC - ADA Series Restroom Trailers


  • High-end countertops
  • Full-size sink
  • Extra-tall mirror
  • Bluetooth sound system
  • Heating and AC
  • Interior and exterior LED lights

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