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Are you looking for a restroom trailer to accommodate your guests at an outdoor wedding or special event? A 4 station restroom trailer is the perfect solution! It provides all of the necessary amenities without sacrificing comfort. This blog post will provide information about what it is, its dimensions and weight, capacity and usage, cost and availability as well as benefits and advantages that come with renting this type of 4 station restroom trailer. Read on to learn more about how this mobile bathroom can benefit you!

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What is a 4 Station Restroom Trailer?

A 4 station restroom trailer is a mobile restroom facility that can be used for events, construction sites, and other temporary locations. It typically consists of four individual stalls with separate entrances, each equipped with a sink, toilet, and hand sanitizer. The trailer also includes an air conditioning unit to keep the interior comfortable in hot weather.

The convenience of having multiple restrooms available at once makes them ideal for large gatherings such as outdoor weddings or festivals where there may not be enough space for traditional bathroom facilities. They are also perfect for construction sites since they provide workers with quick access to clean bathrooms without having to travel long distances from their work area.

These trailers come in different sizes and configurations depending on the needs of the customer. For example, some models have two larger stalls while others feature four smaller ones that can accommodate up to eight people at once. There are even ADA compliant versions available which meet all federal requirements regarding accessibility standards for individuals with disabilities.

In addition to providing basic sanitation services like sinks and toilets, many 4 station restroom trailers offer additional amenities such as mirrors and countertops so guests can freshen up before heading back out into the world after using the facilities inside the trailer itself. Some models even include showers so users can get cleaned up quickly if needed before returning home or continuing on their journey elsewhere afterwards.

When it comes time to rent one of these units, customers should consider factors such as size (to ensure it will fit in its designated location), features (like air conditioning) and cost (as prices vary greatly between companies). Most importantly though is making sure you choose a reputable provider who has experience delivering quality service every time; this way you’ll know your guests will have an enjoyable experience when using your rental.

A 4 Station Restroom Trailer is a great solution for providing restroom facilities to larger groups of people. Next, let’s look at the dimensions and weight of this type of trailer.

Key Takeaway: A 4 station restroom trailer is a great option for large gatherings, construction sites, and other temporary locations. They come in different sizes and configurations with additional amenities such as mirrors and countertops; they also include air conditioning units to keep the interior comfortable. Make sure to choose a reputable provider who has experience delivering quality service every time when renting one of these units.

Dimensions & Weight

The 4 station restroom trailer is a great solution for events and locations that need additional restrooms. This type of trailer typically measures 8′ wide by 20′ long, making it easy to transport and set up onsite. The weight of the trailer can vary depending on how much water and waste tanks are loaded onto it, but generally weighs around 10,000 lbs when fully loaded.

When considering the size of your restroom trailer rental, you should also take into account any obstacles or restrictions at your event site such as trees or low-hanging power lines. It’s important to make sure there is enough space for the delivery truck to maneuver in order to get the unit close enough so that it can be hooked up easily.

In addition to its size and weight, you’ll want to consider other factors such as amenities included with each unit like air conditioning/heating units, lighting fixtures inside & outside the trailers and sound systems if desired. You may also want to ask about extra features like wheelchair accessibility ramps or handrails which could be beneficial depending on your needs.

Finally, when renting a 4 station restroom trailer you should inquire about any special requirements needed for setup including electricity hookups or water supply access points nearby where they will be located during use. Knowing these details ahead of time will help ensure that everything goes smoothly once delivered so that all guests have an enjoyable experience using them.

The dimensions and weight of the 4 station restroom trailer are important to consider for proper transportation and placement. Now, let’s take a look at the capacity and usage this trailer can handle.

Capacity & Usage

It can support up to 500 guests for a four hour event, making it ideal for any situation where you need to accommodate many people in one place. The size of the trailer depends on the number of stations and features included, but typically ranges from 8-10 feet long and 6-8 feet wide.

The capacity of each station will vary depending on its design and amenities. Generally speaking, each station has two toilets with hand washing sinks located outside the stalls, as well as urinals if desired. In addition to these basic components, some trailers may also include additional features such as mirrors or shelves for extra storage space.

When considering usage requirements for your 4 station restroom trailer rental, it’s important to consider how many people will be using it at once and what type of activities they’ll be engaging in while inside the trailer (e.g., changing clothes). If you anticipate that more than one person might use a single stall at once (such as when changing clothes), then you should opt for larger units with more room between stalls so that everyone has enough space to move around comfortably without feeling cramped or crowded. Additionally, if there are children present who may require assistance while using the facilities then an attendant should be available during peak times in order to ensure their safety and comfort throughout their visit.

The capacity and usage of a 4 station restroom trailer can vary depending on the size and model, so it’s important to understand what you need before making any decisions. Now let’s look at the cost and availability of these units.

Key Takeaway: A 4 station restroom trailer is a great option for large events, providing up to 500 guests with two toilets and hand washing sinks per stall. Additional features such as mirrors or shelves can be included, depending on the size of the unit. It’s important to consider usage requirements and ensure an attendant is available if necessary.

Cost & Availability

Renting a 4 station restroom trailer is an ideal solution for many outdoor events and commercial construction projects. The cost of renting such a trailer will vary depending on the location, availability, and duration of rental. Generally speaking, most 4 station restroom trailers can be rented for around $1,500 to $2,500 per weekend.

For larger events or extended rentals (longer than one weekend), it’s possible to negotiate a better rate with the rental company. Additionally, if you need more than one restroom trailer then you may be able to get discounts by renting multiple units at once from the same provider. It’s also important to factor in any additional costs that may apply such as delivery fees or extra charges for set-up/tear down services.

When looking into potential providers for your rental needs it’s important to consider their reputation and customer service record as well as their pricing structure. Make sure they have experience providing these types of services so that you know they are reliable and trustworthy when it comes time to deliver your unit(s). You should also inquire about any maintenance plans they offer in case something goes wrong during your event or project – this could save you money in the long run if there are any unexpected issues with the unit(s).

Finally, make sure that you check out all available options before committing to one provider – some companies specialize in certain areas while others might provide more comprehensive packages at lower prices so do your research. By taking all these factors into consideration when selecting a provider for your 4 station restroom trailer rental needs you can ensure that everything runs smoothly and without incident during your event or project.

The cost and availability of a 4 station restroom trailer is highly dependent on the location, so it’s important to research options in your area before making a decision. Next, let’s look at the benefits and advantages of renting this type of trailer.

Key Takeaway: When renting a 4 station restroom trailer, it’s important to consider the provider’s reputation and customer service record, pricing structure, discounts for multiple units, delivery fees and maintenance plans. Do your research to find the best option.

Benefits & Advantages

It offers more privacy than traditional portable toilets due to its individual stalls and separate entrances, eliminating the need for multiple units which can take up valuable space and require more frequent servicing.

The main benefit of using a 4 station restroom trailer is convenience. The unit provides enough capacity to accommodate larger groups while still providing adequate privacy in each stall. This makes it perfect for outdoor weddings, corporate events, festivals, concerts, sporting events and other large gatherings that may not have access to indoor facilities. Additionally, it allows guests to use the restroom without having to leave the event area or wait in line at a porta-potty.

In terms of cost savings, renting a 4 station restroom trailer can be much cheaper than hiring multiple portable toilets as well as being easier on your budget when compared with building permanent restrooms from scratch. Furthermore, since these trailers come equipped with sinks and hot water tanks they eliminate the need for additional sanitation equipment such as handwashing stations or sanitizing wipes – saving you even more money.

When it comes to maintenance and upkeep of your rental unit you’ll find that most companies offer regular cleaning services included in their rental packages so you don’t have worry about keeping up with daily cleanings yourself – making them hassle free. Lastly, many providers also offer 24/7 customer service support so if any issues arise during your rental period they can be quickly addressed ensuring your guests always have access to clean facilities throughout their stay.

Overall, renting a 4 station restroom trailer has numerous benefits including convenience, cost savings, easy maintenance and reliable customer service support – making them an excellent choice for anyone looking for temporary bathroom solutions.

Key Takeaway: A 4 station restroom trailer offers convenience, cost savings, easy maintenance and reliable customer service support – making them an excellent choice for anyone looking for temporary bathroom solutions.

FAQs in Relation to 4 Station Restroom Trailer

How does a portable restroom trailer work?

A portable restroom trailer is a self-contained unit that provides sanitary facilities for outdoor events. It typically consists of several individual stalls with toilets, sinks, and handwashing stations. The trailers are designed to be easily transported and can be connected to an external water source or supplied with their own onboard fresh water tank. They also have built-in waste tanks that must be emptied periodically depending on usage levels. Portable restroom trailers provide the convenience of indoor restrooms in any location without having to build permanent structures or use traditional porta potties.

How do you winterize a restroom trailer?

Winterizing a restroom trailer is an important step to ensure it will be ready for use in cold weather. The process includes draining the water tanks, flushing all lines with antifreeze, and insulating any exposed pipes or valves. Additionally, you should check the seals around windows and doors for leaks and replace them if necessary. Finally, make sure that all vents are closed off so that no cold air can enter the trailer interior. With these steps taken care of, your restroom trailer will be prepared to withstand even the harshest winter conditions.


In conclusion, a 4 station restroom trailer is an ideal solution for those looking to provide quality restroom facilities for their outdoor events. It provides ample space and capacity for up to four people at a time, making it suitable for large gatherings such as weddings or commercial real estate events. The dimensions and weight of the trailer make it easy to transport and set up in any location. Additionally, the cost of renting a 4 station restroom trailer is quite reasonable when compared with other options available on the market today. Finally, the benefits that come with using this type of rental are numerous – from convenience to affordability – making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to rent out restrooms or showers trailers in their area.

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